To the Editor, 5-24-16

To the Editor:

I am surprised to see you have not seen fit to comment on President Obama’s recent and of course thoroughly unconstitutional removal of our nation’s much-needed embargoes on Cuba and Vietnam. It is clear to me and to the other members of the seven think-tanks and five editorial boards to which I belong, that this will lead to war, and sooner rather than later.

What logic suggests is now explicitly confirmed by secret cables and telexes intercepted by loyalists within the current Administration and now in my possession.

The strongmen Castro and Nguyen Phu Trong are not fools and have recognized the historic opportunity this ill-advised “peace” initiative affords them to restore their failing economies with booty from a conquest of America.  Our military is taxed to its very limit thanks to Obama’s bumbling in Syria and Libya, his tragic reversal of the victories in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his Caligulan imposition of female “soldiers” on our military, which has broken its spirit and will to fight. With Cuba harrying us from the south and Vietnam from the East, given Obama’s preference for apology tours to muscular military response, our decayed Republic and its transgendered troops will certainly fall in a few short months to the disciplined cadres of Havana and Ho Chi Minh City — not to mention reenforcements from opportunistic allies which they may expect in Mexico, ISIS, and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

All this is revealed, as I have said, in cables and telexes in my possession. Prudence requires that I refrain from sharing their contents until I can be sure they will be presented to the American people without intrusive editing which, whether through malice or plain incompetence, might diminish their impact or even invite ridicule. It is my understanding that your Review has no editors; for our purposes that is all to the good. I would also require an “exclusive,” and that the cables and my explanatory prefaces constitute the whole content of your website for at least a month, so that all citizens may have time to weigh their meaning and draw conclusions.

This I propose without thought of any payment for myself, other than the secure knowledge that Americans will have the whole truth presented to them. You have three days to respond, after which I will instead post to Medium.

Sincerely Yours,
George F. W. G. Senton III, CBC, MFA
Rottenclimer Institute et alia
Antwerp, NH


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